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Mixed Martial Arts Auckland MMA Kids and


The Kids MMA program is designed to teach your child basic skills in kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, and grappling. These classes incorporate a good cardio workout and promotes teamwork by using partner drills and relay exercises.


Your kids will have great fun while learning combat sports! There are age groups for training. The Kids class trains those aged 7-12 years twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursday from 4:15pm to 5:00 pm, while the Teens class 13-17 years train twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00pm to 5:45pm. All levels are welcomed in these classes.

We run classes all year, and take new enrollments first week of each school term if we have space

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Auckland MMA Kids and Teens Kickboxing M

Our Kids MMA Program will enhance your child’s ability to:

  • Focus

  • Build confidence

  • Learn respect

  • Discipline

  • Control

  • Self-defense

Techniques taught include:

  • Punches and punch combinations

  • Kicks and punch kick combinations

  • Wrestling and grappling takedowns

  • Grappling positioning

  • Basic submissions

Class Requirements: MMA Sparring gloves, T-shirt, and comfortable shorts (preferably board shorts), shin pads and mouthguard.


Advanced students can participate in supervised light sparring (headgear, mouthpiece, shin guards, and groin protection required).

Auckland MMA Kids and Teens Mixed Martia
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