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The Fundamentals MMA class is open to the absolute beginner who needs a solid foundation of basic techniques of MMA. It is a structured 12-week program to cover all basic techniques involved in the Beginners, Intermediate, and Fighters MMA classes.


All new members wanting to join the MMA classes must first go through the MMA Fundamentals course. The program restarts every 12 weeks to ensure that no one misses specific weeks of techniques. New members can start the course at any point during the course.

Auckland MMA Ev Ting Wrestling ONE CHAMP
Auckland MMA Muaina Manase Viet Anh Do O
Auckland MMA Wrestling Grappling Grapple

The General MMA class is for those who have knowledge of the fundamental techniques. We will teach you how to combine and apply the techniques of MMA stand-up, wrestling, and grappling. You will learn standard techniques for MMA fighting, wrestling, and grappling.


Students are given partner drills. Drills include clinch work, basic takedowns, and takedown defence. Students are also given drills that help them with the transition from stand-up to ground fighting. Topics covered include submissions, sweeps, escapes, and ground and pound, which is a mix of BJJ, submission wrestling and striking.

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